Cuomo Announces New NY-Sun Solar Incentives Program

Great news for solar in New York! On August 21st, Governor Cuomo announced that New York’s numerous solar incentive programs are now merging, to form the NY-Sun Incentive Program -- a one-stop shop for all resources, regulations and incentives related to solar.

This move looks to position New... Read more

Introducing Gridpar's New Northeastern Blog!

Welcome to Gridpar's Northeast-based rooftop solar blog!

Solar energy has become a hot topic and it’s a bit difficult to know where to begin. We’re here to streamline that content for you and allow for more dialogue on best practices and next steps.

We hope to use this blog to provide... Read more

Cardinal Sins: The West Versus South Debate

Western facing solar panels align better with peak energy usage, improve load balancing, and could provide additional income from dynamically priced utilities. However, the limited number of these utilities and the existence of other more effective options will likely limit the usefulness of... Read more

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