Cuomo Announces New NY-Sun Solar Incentives Program

Great news for solar in New York! On August 21st, Governor Cuomo announced that New York’s numerous solar incentive programs are now merging, to form the NY-Sun Incentive Program -- a one-stop shop for all resources, regulations and incentives related to solar.

This move looks to position New York as a leader in solar energy innovation. The program will allow the NY solar industry to anticipate further development, as markets will be able to rely on funding thanks to the transparency of the program.

“Merging these programs into the NY-Sun Incentive Program will stimulate development of solar projects across this state, and sends a clear message that New York is a leader in solar energy innovation. This approach will help the industry plan for the future, spur new development and aid in New York’s transition to a cleaner, cheaper and more efficient energy grid.”

How will it work?

The NY-Sun Incentive Program will use a block system approach, dividing the state into three regions:

  1. the area served by Con Edison,
  2. the area served by PSE&G Long Island, and
  3. upstate

Each region will be assigned separate “blocks”, or incentive levels, for both residential and non-residential solar projects. Once the goal for the first block within a region is reached, that block is closed and a new block is started – with a new target and lower incentive.

For example, if you are a Con Edison customer, and you purchase a 4-kilowatt system (a typical size for a homeowner) you would receive up to a $4,000 incentive. At the end of the program, that incentive is down to just $800.

What’s the best way to take advantage of this?

Once all blocks for a region are filled, incentives for that region will no longer be offered! This particular approach responds to changing market conditions, allowing the each region to adopt and grow at its own rate. The approach will also quickly phase out incentives in any region where market conditions allow for self-support. Click here to see the current incentive level; and remember: the longer you wait, the lower the incentive.

The NY-Sun Incentive Program will allow for expanded implementation of solar across New York using this system and add more than 3,000 MW – or, enough to power 400,000 homes – to the state’s solar capacity in just nine years.

Also included in the initiative are such components as easier access to solar for low- and mid-income New Yorkers; the streamlining of solar inspection; education for consumers on various photovoltaic options; tools and expertise to help bring solar energy to communities and schools, with schools acting as educational hubs for solar; and more.

For real time information on the status of block and current incentives, view the Megawatt Block Dashboard. Visit for further information.

Kelli S.

By Kelli S.

Contributor covering rooftop solar for the US Northeast

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