Solar Leadgen Needs A Race To The Bottom

Solar is on the rise. Analysts forecast that by the year 2020 we’ll achieve global grid parity which means homeowners will be able to generate their own power for cheaper than what you pay the electric utility.

So why not now in 2014?

Solar marketing is challenging

Well, there is... Read more


After quietly rolling out Gridpar.js™ to installers this past fall, we have been busy adding additional functionality to serve solar installers in finding high quality leads.


Facebook sharing is now available for all Gridpar.js™-generated quotes. Homeowners that... Read more

The Solar Duck Hunt

“As more renewable resources come on line, not only will the net load curve look substantially different than it does today but so will the need for load regulation and load following.” – CAISO, 2012

The duck may not be known as a bird of ill omen, but it became one late last year. The... Read more

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